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Steve Cook Modern Physique


Steve Cook's Modern Physique muscle building program is your chance to create your best-ever body. It includes daily workouts for strength, endurance, and athleticism; a healthy eating plan; a full supplement plan; and weekly videos – absolutely free! Steve Cook is a spokesmodel, Optimum Nutrition athlete, cover model, and physique competitor. Cook is also a fierce supporter of functional fitness. His 8-week program isn’t easy, but it’s your chance to build a defined, athletic, and aesthetic body.• Shape your body with this 8-week muscle building program• Includes a combination of strength work and classic muscle-building exercises• Master the 8 pillars of the Modern Physique: Symmetry, Strength, Power, Flexibility/Mobility, Endurance, Muscularity, Definition, and Athleticism• Designed by Steve Cook, spokesmodel, Optimum Nutrition athlete, cover model, and physique competitor• 8-week muscle-building program includes daily workouts, video instruction, nutrition guide, supplement plan, and more• Thorough nutrition guide includes macronutrient breakdown, meal timing, and sample meal plan• Full supplements plan offers recommendations on supplements, when to take them, and how much to take• Tap any exercise to watch a short video demonstration• Workout tracking tool allows you to see workouts completed, skipped, and upcoming• Weight and body fat tracking lets you to see your progress and provides major motivation• Workout and supplement reminder notifications help keep you on track